We believe that educational outcomes can improve dramatically simply by allocating our time, energy, and resources more intelligently. If you are a school leader, you might be asking yourself “Where’s the best place for my school to start?” Let us help you out!

Our consulting engagements always begin with a deep understanding and appreciation of your school’s priorities and values. From there, we examine the budget and financial statements to determine how well organizational decision-making is aligned with these values. During this process we also compare your school’s spending levels in numerous categories and along several performance metrics with schools that are achieving exceptional results. Finally, we make a set of recommendations aimed at helping optimize your school’s budget. We try to identify the smallest set of changes that will produce the most impactful and immediate improvements.

We also receive requests from schools that would like additional support with specific transition decisions or reorganization efforts. These requests might include developing a recruit-and-retain talent strategy, exploring the best building and property financing options, or detailing an organization map. Whatever your school’s needs are, we’ll help you find the exact steps to take so your school can thrive!

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