Thriving Schools is on a mission to share best practices and new strategies with educators who are focused on excellence. Here’s how we can team up:

1) Send us some smarts (or some love) . . .

Amazing breakthroughs are happening in education all the time! The rise of new schools, new technologies, and new perspectives are producing remarkable turnarounds and impressive achievements across the country. The only problem is that too many of these developments are taking place in isolation. We’re on a mission to change that.

We want to talk to education’s top trailblazers, innovators, and achievers! These folks might be: teachers implementing exciting curriculums or trying new pedagogical methods, school leaders challenging traditional budgeting priorities, schools making dramatic improvements and achieving extraordinary results, designers creating new pieces of software and other programs, entrepreneurs generating bold ideas to reshape schools, and others who share in the work of delivering the best possible education for students everywhere.

Ask yourself these questions. Do you know of an amazing individual, story, or strategy that’s improving education? Does this magic need to be shared more widely? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then please consider sharing with us! Simply drop us a note by filling in the form below. From there, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss how we can best share with the Thriving Schools community – providing a few links, doing an interview, or directing us to some great resources.

2) Researching and writing (and having fun) . . .

We’re currently looking for educators who want to join the Thriving Schools cast!

Do you enjoy the content we publish at Thriving Schools? Do you think educators need to do a better job at sharing best practices and new strategies with one another? Do you want to help us accomplish this?

Then consider dropping us a note below! We’re building out our team of writer-researchers so that we can provide more amazing content (more frequently) to the Thriving Schools community. Specifically, we’re looking for educators with experience and expertise in the following areas: special education, second-language learning, STEM, school culture, teacher development, building school systems, and classroom management.

If you possess some prowess in one of the aforementioned areas, we’d love to hear from you! Once you complete the form, we’ll get in touch with you and talk next steps!

We’re looking forward to teaming up!

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