Our holiday wish list for you!

Ahh . . . Christmas break! A time to spend with loved ones away from the cold outside world and to recover from that feeling of having been run over by a burly reindeer! And for us educators, it’s also a time to finally hit the slopes, the hot tub, or a bottle of celestially-spiked cider.

We just thought you’d like to know that while you were busily wrapping up your work for the year, we at Thriving Schools prepared a wish list for 2017 on your behalf and had it sent priority-mail to the North Pole on the wings of an enchanted ‘turtle dove.’

Immediately upon your return to school in 2017, we hope you’ll find . . .

Classrooms full of deeply engaged students where you can hear ‘angels from on high’ through the resplendent silence of uninterrupted concentration. School halls that have been ‘decked’ with student work miraculously evocative of a stack of doctoral theses. Staff morale so high that teachers can be seen ‘dancing merrily’ (in the new old fashioned way) on their way to 1st period. A team of elves sent to your home by the local employment agency to grade papers and finalize your lesson plans with brushstrokes of golden-hued calligraphy. And a team of jolly administrators who’ve had the epiphany: ‘all is calm and all is bright.’ ‘Giddy-up jingle horse!’

So this holiday season, revel in that slice of kaleidoscopic fruitcake and ‘dream by the fire.’ You’ve earned it!

And if you happen to know of a special someone in your life who would enjoy the spellbinding acuity we serve up here at Thriving Schools, simply wrap this post up, re-gift it their way, and encourage them to subscribe too (because it’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving). In 2017 we’ll be on a mission to ‘traverse field and fountain, moor and mountain’ to deliver you with the best new ideas in education! We’re overjoyed to have you on our sleigh!

Happy Holidays, and ‘good tidings’ to you (and your students) in the New Year!