Learning Links for October 2017

Here are this month’s best articles, analyses, and stories in education from across the web! This month you’ll learn about Republic’s use of social-emotional learning resources, how to roll out discussion procedures in class, and how you can build resilience as a teacher. You’ll also get a list of 25 words and phrases that can help you instill a growth mindset in your students. Enjoy!


Improving Teacher Retention with Shyam Kumar (Thriving Schools)

What you’ll learn: “Our top teachers bring a more diverse skill set into the classroom than you’ll find in any other profession . . . And those are the teachers that are making significant breakthroughs and getting the results our children need.”


Social-Emotional Learning at Republic (Republic Charter Schools)

What you’ll learn: “As we reflect on our mission to ‘reimagine public education in the south’ we know we must continually do more and do better for our scholars. Our adoption of the Compass social-emotional learning program is yet another testament to living out this mission.”


How Eric Snider Rolls Out His Discussion Procedures (Teach Like a Champion)

What you’ll learn: “As a teacher I realized that calling something a Socratic Seminar wasn’t enough to inspire greatness – I would need to teach my students how to have a discussion.”


25 Alternatives to “I Don’t Know” and “I Can’t” (TeachThought)

What you’ll learn: “At the core of a growth mindset is the willingness to change. While you might want to ‘change’ (e.g. improve), changing your own thinking patterns has to precede any behavioral change (e.g. growth), and language is a big part of that.”


Math Class Doesn’t Work. Here’s the Solution. (Time)

What you’ll learn: “My research on math learners suggests that when students think they’re in class to learn – to explore ideas and think freely – they understand more and achieve at higher levels than when they think the point is to get questions right.”


Helping Deaf Students Be Heard (Teach for America)

What you’ll learn: “Because many kids with hearing loss do not speak fluent English, it is widely (and erroneously) assumed that they lack the cognitive ability to process and understand information.”


No More ‘Us’ and ‘Them.’ Just Great Schools. Period. (Education Post)

What you’ll learn: “BSA shatters the myth that charters don’t serve those kids who are hard to teach. BSA serves an incredibly vulnerable population and does it through tough love, routines, a focus on academics, and respect.”


The Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew (Digital Promise)

What you’ll learn: “We are often quick to make judgments on what we perceive to be happening when children behave in a way that draws attention – but when a young person with autism is struggling to cope with the world, the last thing they need is our criticism.”


Building Resilience, Preventing Burnout (Edutopia)

What you’ll learn: “Whether you’re a new teacher or a veteran, try these tips for taking care of yourself and staying energized throughout the school year.”


IDEA’s Recipe For Success (Idea Public Schools)

What you’ll learn: “If students can become independent learners, critical thinkers, and initiative takers, they will thrive in any academic setting.”


6 Rules Successful People Live by to Learn Faster and Better Than Everyone Else (Life Hack)

What you’ll learn: “Successful people are so because they learn in a systematic and results-oriented way. Thus, they learn faster and better than everyone else.”