Learning Links for August 2017 - Back to School Edition

We started this series two months ago with the premise that what we focus on is what we get. So instead of accepting the media’s narrative of low test scores, broken budgets, and poor morale, Thriving Schools has decided to go in the opposite direction (and to focus on all the amazing things taking place in education). We’re excited to present our “back to school” edition of this list – stories and articles that our Thriving Schools network read and shared with us this past month! We hope you find a few nuggets of inspiration and intrigue!


Teaching Systems and Routines & Ms. Johnson LOVES to Read (Mission 100%)

What you’ll learn: This month, the Mission 100% Blog posted a series of videos from their library focusing on the First Days of School. These were our 2 favorite clips!


8 Things Every Teacher Needs to Improve (Teach Thought)

What you’ll learn: “Change requires self-awareness and a humble approach to your craft. The ability to see yourself and the need for change–within or around you–is the most critical step in any process of growth.”


8 Tips and Tricks to Redesign Your Classroom (Edutopia)

What you’ll learn: “A classroom designer walks you through the process of redesigning your room, with videos to inspire you.”


Google’s New Tools to Empower Our Future Explorers and Digital Citizens (Google)

What you’ll learn: This is a list of new tools and programs that Google unveiled at this summer’s ITSE conference aimed at helping students explore, build, and think critically.


12 Secrets of Teachers Who Trimmed 10+ Hours Off Their Work Weeks (The Cornerstone for Teachers)

What you’ll learn: Angela Watson, who focuses on time management for educators, recently surveyed a group of teachers who completed her workshops; here's what she found!


A New Recipe for School Design (TNTP)

What you’ll learn: Dr. Cesar Cruz, one of TNTP’s 2016 Bridge Fellows, spent his fellowship year visiting schools and community organizations to ask kids to describe their dream school. This piece describes what he’s learned on his listening tour.


A Q&A with Stuart Singer on Mindfulness and Performance (Teach Like A Champion)

What you’ll learn: Doug Lemov presents this interview on how mindfulness can improve teaching.